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Chiu Chang Mathematics Education Foundation

Chiu Chang Counts as Pythagoras Measures

Chiu Chang Suann Jing (“Nine Chapters of Arithmetic”) is the oldest and the most systematic mathematics book in China. We are named after it, in the hope that we can contribute to mathematics education in China.

History of Chiu Chang

Circa 100 AD:

Chiu Chang Suann Jing was published. The mathematical thoughts in it are still at the frontiers of the world.


Chiu Chang Mathematics Publisher was founded as the only publisher specializing solely in mathematics so as to build a kingdom of mathematics


Chiu Chang Mathematics Magazine was launched to provide mathematical knowledge to teachers and high-­‐school students beyond the textbooks. Unfortunately it was terminated later because of serious deficit.


Chiu Chang Mathematics Scholarships were established to encourage mathematics students at Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Fudan University, Nankai University and the University of Science & Technology of China.


Chiu Chang Mathematics Bookstore was opened as the first Taiwanese bookstore in mainland China and to facilitate the interflow of mathematics books across the Strait.


Chiu Chang Mathematics Education Foundation was founded to provide magnificent and colorful activities in mathematics so as to increase the interest of the youth and the public in mathematics.


Chiu Chang Mathematics Education Foundation organizes the International Mathematics Competition 2012 with 1000 participants from 28 countries, making it a precedence in Taiwan.

Persistence in Embracing Mathematics to Make a Chiu Chang Miracle.

We are very small but we have great ambitions!

With only three employees, we are really very small and every one of us must do a lot of things. We are really very diligent – over the past thirty years, we upheld our missions and overcame various difficulties to contribute to mathematics education. We are very generous – providing rich resources in mathematics to lovers of mathematics as well as challenges to mathematics education in Taiwan. We are very ambitious – from Chiu Chang of Taiwan to Chiu Chang of China and aim at becoming Chiu Chang of the World. We are humble but we are proud! With no money, no power and no support from the authority, we are really humble. We have fortitude and are not interested in fame nor wealth. We do not follow bad examples of others and bravely oppose people with vested interests in mathematics education. We are really famous and are enthusiastically supported by many scholars, teachers, students and parents locally and abroad. We are really proud because we have many famous mathematicians over the world behind us.

For Mathematics, Chiu Chang Forever Goes Forward!